Gallery Stock Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gallery Stock provide image research?

Yes. We have a great, free research team that is able to provide a thorough search of our collection to

meet your deadlines. For larger projects, we can provide a Deep Search. The Deep Search reaches out to our talent base to source pertinent content that matches your request that is not currently on our website.

Should I get a quote from a person or through the shopping cart?

You may do either, whatever is easiest for you. A Gallery Stock agent would be happy to help guide you
through a customized usage quote or you may log on to price it through the shopping cart price calculator on our website.

What if I can't find the licensing options that I need in the Cart?

You may call (212.219.7520) or email us ( at Gallery Stock anytime and we will help.

Does Gallery Stock offer Royalty Free imagery?

Yes. Gallery Stock offers a premium level of unique and compelling Royalty Free images in our collection.

Does Gallery Stock offer more then just traditional photography?

Yes. Gallery Stock also offers new, cutting edge Illustration and Mobile collections as well.

What does it mean when an image on the site has the 'special restrictions apply' note?

This image would require additional clearance from a Gallery Stock agent before licensing. You may call (212.219.7520) or email us ( at Gallery Stock anytime and we will help.

What does it mean when an image indicates model or property release 'upon request'?

Model release upon request, refers to an image featuring a professional model. Licensing this type of image requires an additional clearance. Gallery Stock offers comprehensive handling of these permissions through our extensive network of talent agencies.

How does a photographer join the Gallery Stock team?

Gallery Stock accepts visual content of the highest caliber from exceptional talent.If you are interested in being considered for a Gallery Stock contributor contract, please visit our Contribute page to apply and a Gallery Stock agent will contact you if we are interested in offering you a contract.