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Raptor Rehab | Colorado, USA | by Chelsea Tischler
Raptors are often injured as a result of their encounters with humans or human civilization. They arrive at rehab programs as a result of flying into windows or power lines, being hit by vehicles, being attacked by cats and dogs, becoming trapped in fencing, encounters with high-voltage transformers, exposure to lead and other toxic materials, gunshots, traps, and methane burners. Nests are often destroyed through tree-trimming, landscaping, construction, and natural events like storms and wildfires.

The dedicated staff and volunteers at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, rehabilitate these birds and greater than 80% are released back into the wild for a second chance at freedom. Other organizations, such as Nature's Educators, Wild Wings and the Raptor Education Foundation, are licensed to keep and provide sanctuary for birds of prey that cannot be released back into the wild and use the birds in educational programs and lectures for schools, businesses, and public events.
Chelsea Tischler
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