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Welcome to GS Exclusive Productions

Gallery Stock now offers shoot productions designed to offer both on-set and off-set direction. We listen to your project needs and can incorporate specific shot lists into our content shoots. We can customize and create illustrations to fit your imagery needs.

Our custom shoot or illustration offering, with select Gallery Stock talent, can become a valuable resource for project-tailored imagery.

Gallery Stock’s global creative team provides support to our photographers and illustrators with creative intelligence, image decks, production support and off-set or on-set art direction.



Grey: Serious with Snacks

Patrik Giardino: NYC Millenials

Festival Vibes

Business Start-Up

Kool Kidz

Isaac Lane Koval: LGBTQ Day In The Life

Dean Belcher: Phone Rescue

Family Hike

Christin Rose: Holiday Celebration

Steven Laxton: Portraiture

Steve Boyle: Mature Sports

Inigo George: Power Squad

Mobile Culture





Erica Shires: NYC Woman

Walter Smith: Authentic Portraits

Fitness Sweat

Nicolai Grossel: Fresh Face Beauty

Christian Ammann: Big Beautiful Hair

Clean Beauty

Neal Grundy: Milk

Mature Beauty

Leigh Righton: Bachelor Life

Christian Ammann: Simple Beauty

Gen Z Portraits

Cameron Davidson: Solar Panel Farm

Central American Travel

Small Business

Holiday Celebrations

Christian Ammann: Emoji Beauty

Olof Martins: Portraits

Luca Sage: Winter Skiing

City Couple

Patrik Giardino: City Men

Olof Martins: Food Trucks

Mom & Son Studio

Peter Nitsch: City Friends

Brook Pifer: Urban Girlfriends

Alyssa Boni: Celebration Beauty

Summer Friends

Creative Office

Underwater Beauty

Dean Belcher: Summer Kids

Billy Delfs: Office Life

Michael Turek: NYC Cityscapes

Jutta Klee: Hair and Beauty

Douglas Lyle Thompson: Urban Friends

Studio Kids

Sunday Road Trip

Jacob Pritchard: City Training

Lori Adamski-Peek : Park Family

Daniel Allen: Trail Running

Fitness Routine

Jens Goerlich: Gen Z Sports

Jens Goerlich: Pool Party